The Czech ILCO is an umbrella organisation representing all regional ILCO clubs within the Czech Republic. Since 1993, we have been member of IOA and EOA and, over this time, we have cooperated with legal bodies to create new legislation, lobbied the Ministry of Health and represented our organisation’s members in dealing with insurance companies, doctors, ostomy pouch producers and other organisations. The aim of the Czech ILCO is to help resolve health issues as well as the social and psychological challenges faced by ostomy patients in an effort to assist their return to life after surgery and to empower them to lead a normal life far beyond. We inform healthcare professionals and laymen both about ostomy patients‘ needs, raising awareness on what life is like with an ostomy, and keeping them informed of our activities. Our remit is also to actively defend patients‘ rights wherever we can.

In addition, our organisation prepares and produces training for volunteers wishing to support ostomy patients. With this in place, we have agreements with two hospitals whereby our volunteers can visit new ostomy inpatients and help them overcome the fears and trepidations associated with their surgery. Further, we organise lectures and discussions, take part in other patient organisation meetings and actively contribute to discussions on stoma-related issues. We place great stress on the need for prevention, encouraging our members to have regular doctor check ups and we always endeavour to challenge the taboo surrounding ostomy as a health solution.

Projects, events and activities